X-Tension 350 Terminal End - Median


  • NCHRP350 TL-3 (100 km/h) compliant
  • Redirective non gating guardrail end terminal
  • AS3845: 1999 compliant
  • Suitable for termination of standard w-beam
  • Driveable steel posts
  • System length 11.43m NLL
  • Available exclusively through ACP
  • The X-Tension 350 Terminal may be installed as a tangential terminal or may be offset to a maximum of 1200mm
  • Its unique design means that the length of need is established at the beginning of the system
  • Upon impact by an errant vehicle, the impact head travels downstream and the cables are forced through the locking pin to effectively absorb the kinetic energy of the impact and the vehicle is brought to a safe controlled stop
  • Length of need cover at the beginning of the system
  • Reusable components after an impact ensure simple repairs
  • Interchangeable components with median terminal option reduces maintenance inventory
  • Simple installation methodology
  • NCHRP350 tested terminal provides less severe occupant impact severity
  • Approved for use by all Australian State Road Authorities

Product Characteristics:

  • Length 11.43m
  • Height 710mm
  • Max flare 0-1200mm
  • Length of need - Post #1
  • Maximum deflection 980mm
  • Impact resistance at impact head

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