Sequential Kinking Terminal "SKT350" NCHRP350 Approved TL-2 & TL-3


  • NCHRP350 TL-3 (100 km/h) compliant option
  • NCHRP350 TL-2 (70 km/h) compliant option
  • AS3845: 1999 compliant
  • Tangential energy absorbing terminal
  • Suitable for termination of standard W-Beam
  • Driveable steel posts
  • Tangential alignment – easy to set out
  • Available exclusively through ACP
  • The Sequential Kinking Terminal may be installed as a tangential terminal or offset to a nominal maximum of 600mm
  • Upon impact, the SKT head slides over the W-Beam guardrail. The rail is sequentially kinked or bent as it moves through the impact head
  • The deformation of the W-Beam enables the errant vehicle to be brought to a safe, controlled stop
  • The SKT is activated at lower levels than other tangential energy absorbing terminals and is considered to be the highest performance terminal of this type on the market
  • Reusable components after an impact ensure simple repairs
  • Interchangeable components with the FLEAT terminal option reduces maintenance inventory
  • Simple installation methodology
  • NCHRP350 tested terminal provides less severe occupant impact severity
  • Approved for use by all Australian State Road Authorities

Product Characteristics:

  • TL-3 Length 15.24m
  • TL-2 Length 7.62m
  • Extruded rail extrudes towards verge

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