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The Modified Eccentric Loader Terminal (MELT) is a gating guardrail end terminal designed to prevent spearing from an errant vehicle. The MELT is installed with the rails offset and supported on angle (shelf) brackets to minimize potential vehicle penetration. From the approach end of the Terminal, the MELT is designed to redirect an errant vehicle from the third post onwards.

Reference Drawings and Specifications

  • ACP Drawing GA009A
  • ACP Drawing GA009A-ISO
  • QLD Main Roads Drawings 1474, 1476 & 1477
  • QLD Main Roads Specification MRS11.14
  • AS/NZS 3845:1999


The MELT is supplied with all components required to construct its 8.0m length and joins directly to standard W-Beam guardrail.


The same tools are required to install the MELT as that for standard guardrail. Specifically – Sockets, Wrenches, Augers, Tampers and Post Rammers (commonly used for driving posts).

Site Preparation

The site should be free of obstacles or hazards that may interfere with the installation and performance of the system. Grading may be required to provide a clear and traversable run out area behind the terminal. The MELT requires a hazard free area 22.5m x 6m directly behind the terminal. Refer QLD Main Roads Drawing 1474 (Diagram A).


  1. Referring to ACP Drawing GA009A-ISO, lay out components in their respective places.
  2. Post 1 & 2 are two piece “Slip Base” posts. Install the bottom sections of posts 1 & 2 – 2m apart.
  3. Bolt the strut and yoke between the bottom post sections using M20x200mm hex hd bolts.
  4. Join the top post sections to the bottom post sections using 3 off M16x80mm hex hd bolts c/w rectangular washers (9).
  5. At post 2, attach an ACP block and shelf angle using an M16x200mm mush hd bolt. *Note – no block required at post #1
  6. Post 3 to 6 are Universal Line Posts. Install post 3 - 2m apart from post 2. Posts 3 to 6 are then installed at 1.33m intervals.
  7. Attach a block and shelf angle to posts 3 to 6 using an M16x200mm mush hd bolt.
  8. The 1 st MELT rail is supplied part curved with the curved end bolted to post 1 using an M16x50mm mush hd bolt.
  9. Rail 2 is slightly curved and is spliced onto rail 1 using 8 off M16x32mm mush hd bolts.
  10. With the exception of post 1, the rails are not bolted to the posts but supported on shelf angles for posts 2 to 6.
  11. The buffered end section with diaphragm plates is attached to the end of the first rail using M16x32mm mush hd bolts.
  12. A cable assembly is then attached to the 1 st rail using a bracket and fixed to the bottom of the first post with a bearing plate.
  13. The cable assembly should be tensioned to 50Nm.


As part of a routine maintenance schedule, a visual inspection should ensure that the Terminal has not been impacted and that the Terminal is free of debris that may inhibit the correct operation of the system.


In the event of an impact, identify the damaged parts from the attached Drawings and replaced accordingly .

Post 1 - Buffered End Post 2 Post 3 & 6
Post 1 - Buffered End Post 2 Post 3 & 6

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