Raptor™ Utility Pole and Tree Protector

The Raptor™ is the world's first safety device designed to reduce the severity of errant vehicle impacts with utility poles or trees.

The unique Raptor™ is fully recyclable and is a highly compact alternative solution to a full scale crash cushion, especially at sites where space is limited.

It offers exceptional vehicle control and energy absorbing capabilities in head-on impacts (where the energy is absorbed by internal plastic cartridges) and in side-on, angled impacts where the vehicle is redirected safely.

The Raptor™ is also available for hire. This is an ideal temporary solution that meets NCHRP 350 TL-1 crash test criteria.


  • Reduces the severity of vehicle impacts
  • Little or no debris scatter
  • Two sizes available; Raptor 300 and Raptor 600
  • Easily installed with zero maintenance
  • Not anchored to the hazard or ground in any way
  • Small number of parts required for installation
  • Low cost protection
  • Fully recyclable

Crash test results

  • Crash testing on the Raptor™ included using both a lightweight vehicle and pickup truck as required by NCHRP 350
  • The Raptor™ was judged to have successfully met all applicable evaluation criteria for NCHRP 350 TL-1 for a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion
      Evaluation criteria are:
    • Structural adequacy
    • Occupant risk
    • Vehicle trajectory

Click here for crash test results (PDF).

Click here for Raptor Impactment Absorption information (PDF).

Damage from impact with an unprotected utility pole
Considerably less damage incurred after impact with a utility pole protected by Raptor

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