Nu-Guard 31™ Steel Guardrail System

A smaller footprint, lighter weight and no requirement for a blockout, means the Nu-Guard 31™ steel post guardrail system is comparable in cost to traditional post systems and is simpler and quicker to install.


  • System has a smaller footprint and no blockout
  • NUCOR™ steel posts with no blockout, enables faster installation
  • It is possible for one post to be installed per minute using a post rammer
  • NUCOR™ steel posts are lighter and smaller in area than traditional posts
  • High tensile galvanised NUCOR™ steel posts are designed for easier after-impact repair of system
  • Environmentally friendly - manufactured using recycled steel
  • Uses standard highway rail and fixings
  • A median or roadside barrier
  • NUCOR™ steel posts will split on impact to prevent the guardrail tearing and reduce the incidence of wheel snagging
  • Only NCHRP350 TL-4 tested and approved system using standard highway rail



  • Tested and approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL-4
  • Post weight: 14.78kg
  • Post length: 1980mm
  • Height to centre of rail: 635mm
  • Post footprint: 0.061m2
  • System deflection is 1200mm for roadside applications
  • No blockouts required
  • Standard highway rail and fixings
  • All components hot dip galvanised
  • Post high tensile steel


Standards and Approvals

The system has been tested to the guidelines in NCHRP 350 for a median and roadside longitudinal barrier and when correctly installed and maintained is capable of stopping, containing or redirecting an errant vehicle in a safe manner under NCHRP 350 impact conditions. Certified to NCHRP Report 350 - Test level 4. Click here (PDF 447 KB) for FHWA TL-4 approval letter for Nu-Guard 31™

Nu-Guard™ 31 Steel Guardrail Plastic Post Cap

The Nu-Guard™ 31 Steel Guardrail Plastic Post Caps are an optional accessory for all Nu-Guard™ 31 barriers. When impacted the Nu-Guard™ 31 height will change due to the post bolt being able to move in the slot on the back of the post. This feature of the system requires that the top of the post be approximately 25mm higher than the top of the rail after correct installation. To improve safety to pedestrians and cyclists or purely for aesthetic purposes, the plastic post caps are a good way to protect the exposed steel post. The plastic post caps will fit either the Nu-Guard™ 31 ‘roadside’ or ‘median’ barrier.

To view images of the Nu-Guard™ 31 Steel Guardrail Plastic Post Cap, Click here.

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