HIASA Motorcyclist Protection Device for Guardrail

The SPM-IS4 Motorcyclist Protection System is a continuous protection device installed on a steel road safety barrier and is exclusively available in Australia through ACP.

The “SPM-IS4” system provides a solution for the two main hazards for motorcyclists with steel road safety barriers.

  1. The direct impact of the motorcyclist against the post barrier which can cause serious injuries, sometimes fatal.
  2. The space between two posts could be breached by the motorcyclist leaving them exposed to the hazards the barrier is there to protect.

System Description

The SPM-IS4 system is made up of a continuous galvanised steel flat screen that is attached to the existing barrier by an arm on each post.

The installation of the SPM-IS4 on barrier is simple and fast and the barrier does not have to be dismantled to install the system.

SPM-IS4 system components are manufactured from steel plate hot rolled S235JR type and according to European standard UNE-EN 10025 and hot-dip galvanized according to European standard UNE-EN ISO 1461.

SPM-IS4 system passed full scale crash tests with real scale dummies in accordance to Spanish Standard UNE 135 900 “Performance evaluation for motorcyclist protection safety barriers systems ”. The tests are an impact of a 86.5kg dummy at 60km/h and 30 degrees angle, at two different impact points: straight into the posts and between two posts.

The H.I.C. index (Head Injury Criteria) that evaluates the risk of head injuries, has been 170 for the impact on post and 146 for the impact on the midpoint. The maximum allowable value is 1,000, the neck forces and moments measured during the tests, are within the limits corresponding to the minimum class of severity (Level 1).

In addition to the tests with dummies, which define the performance of the device to the impact of motorcyclists, the SPM-IS4 system has also passed full scale crash tests with a four-wheeled vehicle, in compliance to European standard UNE-EN 1317-2, impact level N2, crash severity class A and working width W4.

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