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Bolt-A-Plate® is ideal for rolling countryside, farmland and other rural environments. It maintains natural streambeds and helps counter erosion. Bolt-A-Plate® structures are effectively utilized as strong and economical alternatives to elaborate bridge replacement by municipal and provincial governments.

Bolt-A-Plate® is ideal for:

  • Underpasses
  • Culverts
  • Stream enclosures
  • Fishways
  • Bridge replacement
  • Utilidors



End of Line

High Profile arches are engineered to maintain a natural waterway and allow for an abrasive bedload. Additionally, these arches are ideal for projects that include large end areas or large spans. The high profile arch is also used for highway grade separations.

Clearance Box sizes are available from your local ACP representative.

Standard and Low Profile arches anchored on footings are ideal for installations where there is limited headroom and low height of cover restrictions. They are especially useful in sites where it is desirable to maintain natural stream beds and are widely used for stream enclosures, culverts and storm sewers.

Pear Shape is generally used for railway tunnels and underpasses. With proper end treatment, Bolt-A-Plate®provides access and protects the environment from erosion problems.

Round Pipe is the most common and versatile of the Bolt-A-Plate® shapes. This shape is used primarily for culverts, sewers and sub-drains, but is also appropriate for storage bins, tunnels and bridges.

Pipe-Arch is ideal for bridges and underpasses with limited overhead clearance. Pipe-arch’s unique shape provides hydraulic advantages at low flow rates for culverts and sewers.

Elliptical shapes are commonly used for underpasses and service tunnels. The horizontal ellipse is better suited for multi-lane, vehicular underpasses, while the vertical ellipse shape is more appropriate for single lane vehicular and railway underpasses.

Bolt-A-Plate® provides overhead protection from falling rock and mudslides and blends in with the structures’ natural surroundings.


End of Line

Super•Cor® - Corrugated Steel Pipe, Tunnels & Bridge Structures

ULTRA•COR® Structural Steel Plate



End of Line
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End of Line

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