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    MELT Approach Terminal With Steel Breakaway Post NSW SA

MELT Approach Terminal With Steel Breakaway Post NSW SA

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The Modified Eccentric Loader Terminal (MELT) is a gating guardrail end terminal designed to prevent spearing from an errant vehicle. The MELT is installed with the rails offset and supported on angle (shelf) brackets to minimize potential vehicle penetration. From the approach end of the Terminal, the MELT is designed to redirect an errant vehicle from the third post onwards.


End of Line

- Flared bullnose end treatment to prevent guardrail spearing  

- Propriatary steel breakaway posts and plastic blocks providing softer vehicle redirection


End of Line

X-Tension 350 Terminal End

X-Tension 350 Terminal End - Median

TT Departure Terminal NSW SA WA

MELT Terminal - Queensland

MAX-Tension TL-2 End Terminal

MAX-Tension TL-3 End Terminal


End of Line
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End of Line

Approvals and specifications differ between States, check your local road authority accepted safety barrier products for further information. 


End of Line
  • Compliant with AS3845:1999
  • Conventional flared gating terminal
  • Substitutes timber posts with steel breakaway  posts
  • Steel Shear posts at #1 & #2
  • Steel breakaway posts at #3 to #6
  • Approved for use by relevant State Road Authorities
  • Available exclusively through ACP
  • Steel breakaway posts are compliant with NCHRP350
  • Interchangeable with X-350 terminal  posts
  • Posts may be driven into the ground
  • Steel breakaway post system may be  retrofitted to existing MELT installations for the  NSW option
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