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    Sentryline Terminal End III - Non release terminal

Sentryline Terminal End III - Non release terminal

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The Sentryline Terminal End III has been tested to the guidelines in NCHRP 350 for a gating Test Level 3 terminal end. When installed correctly the system will allow an errant vehicle to over-ride or gate through the high tensioned anchor area of the terminal end. This new terminal is a non-releasing anchor design.


End of Line
  • Tested to NCHRP350 TL-3 (100kph) compliant 
  • AS/NZS 3845: 2015 compliant 
  • Low cost WRSB terminal anchor with minimal components
  • Point of need only 8m from ground anchor 
  • Comes with many components pre-assembled 
  • Exceptionally good vehicle behaviour 
  • Easily installed and low maintenance costs
  • Easily repaired after impact
  • Quicker installation time over competitors
  • Non releasing design after impact
  • Permitted for use in verge, median and gore areas
  • Designed to be used with Sentryline II NCHRP350 Wire Rope Safety Barrier System


End of Line

Sentryline II Wire Rope Safety Barrier System

Sentryline II WRBS TL3 Tested Terminal End

Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Barrier

Sentryline – M® Wire Rope Terminal End


End of Line
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End of Line

Sentryline II Wire Rope Barrier Systems have been designed and tested to meet the evaluation criteria of NCHRP 350 Test Levels 3 and 4.

AS/NZS 3845:2015 compliant.
Approved for use by Australian State Road Authorities.


End of Line
  • Length of need is from Post 5 (measured 8m from ground anchor)
  • Maximum flare rate 30:1 over the entire length of the terminal end (offset from tangent)
  • Posts 1 – 7 are spaced at 1.5m (straight)
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanised
  • Posts – Hot dip galvanised & powder coated 
  • Cable – 19mm 3 x 7 strand pre stretched 
  • In ground concrete foundation 2500L x 1000W x 1500D mm 
  • 7 x line post footings 300mm diameter x 750D mm 
  • 4 x safety check link ropes
  • Concrete is 25Mpa
  • Tensioned to 25kN at 20°C. (Tension may vary depending on air temperature at the time if installation, see chart in the installation guidelines)
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