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    TT Departure Terminal NSW SA WA

TT Departure Terminal NSW SA WA

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4.0m Trailing Terminal - a flared w-beam end terminal utilising a bullnose end treatment and steel channel posts.



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This is a gating terminal. This is a terminal designed to only be impacted from the reverse direction. It must not be used as an approach terminal or where there is a practical chance of being impacted by opposing traffic.


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X-Tension 350 Terminal End

X-Tension 350 Terminal End - Median

MELT Approach Terminal With Steel Breakaway Post NSW SA

MELT Terminal - Queensland

MAX-Tension TL-2 End Terminal

MAX-Tension TL-3 End Terminal


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Approvals and specifications differ between States, check your local road authority accepted safety barrier products for further information.


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Specifications differ between States, refer to technical drawings (under Product Literature) and to the local specifications and drawings register for your local state road authority available online.

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