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    ACP adds portable crash cushion to range

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ACP adds portable crash cushion to range

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Through its relationship with international road safety specialist Lindsay Transportation Solutions, ACP* has added the U–MAD® truck mounted attenuator (TMA) – a portable crash cushion mounted on a truck – to its road safety product range.

TMA‘s are predominantly used for protection for static worksites in high speed environments where there is a traffic/worker interface, such as construction zones and as shadow vehicles for high risk mobile works such as line marking, maintenance, rubbish collection and barrier repairs on highways. They are compulsory in most Australian states.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 419cm
  • Width: 229cm
  • Height in storage position: 381cm
  • Weight: 590kg


The U–MAD® has a 3-part system; mount/attachment, L-lift and cartridge. Only the cartridge needs replacing after a typical design impact. For more information on the TMA click here.


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